“It's not you – it's me”

If the instructions in this guide feel a bit much, it's likely because the Toolkit is still an alpha-version software which assumes a certain technical knowledge. There are technical solutions to simplifying this setup, but these were not prioritised.

If this is something you have expertise with and are happy to help, do reach out at [email protected]

Setting up the ledger

The Toolkit requires a working connection with Amazon Web Services, and thus that you have some kind of well-permissioned account or IAM role.

In short, you will need:

  1. the AWS CLI and an authorised profile in ~/.aws/credentials (see “Installing the AWS CLI v2” - docs.aws.amazon.com)
  2. an existing QLDB ledger, with a blank table in it (see “Creating a QLDB ledger from the AWS Console” - qldbguide.com)

Remember the names of the ledger and of its table. You'll need them shortly (see "Environment" below).


After cloning the repository, create an .env file at the root. The job of this file is to contain variables you really don't want to share publicly, so keep this out of version control software.

This file must contain: